SHCG is a full-service document management provider. Just as no two companies are exactly the same, so are our solutions.

Document Imaging and Content Management

Reduce and eliminate paper and manual document processing operations in your organization by centrally storing and managing access to all your documents electronically.
With direct integration into your backend applications our solutions provide fast, easy and secure access to any historical and actively used documents - anywhere, anytime . Provide controlled document access to employees, vendors and customers; deliver by fax, email and the web; enable with document-based integrated workflow.
Greatly increase productivity and reduce costs. Meet stringent compliance requirements, perform records management, file plans, retention schedules, SOX, electronic copies of all transaction documents, and real time access to scanned documents.
Business Information Delivery & Workflow Automation

Automate the exchange of critical business documents between customers, business partners, and suppliers regardless of source, format, or destination.
Fully utilize your existing IT infrastructure without retooling or custom programming, and simplify document distribution from legacy systems, EDI, XML, and database sources. Enhance these solutions with intelligent bar code recognition and OCR.
Increase real-time response and customer satisfaction without manual intervention, and integrate information exchange between all you applications.
Workflow tasks can be integrated with Outlook, CMS, InfoPath, BizTalk, SharePoint, a web portal, and in-house applications. Flexibility is unprecedented.
Provide both technical and non-technical workers with a workflow solution that is easy, flexible, integrated and centralized. Streamline any non-automated business process to produce immediate business value.
Workflow tasks are delivered to where the work is being done. Simplify daily activities and provide real time improvements to customer response and sales cycles. Eliminate "leakage" in the organization.
You don’t have to be a big company to afford a document workflow solution – we have created solutions for companies with less than 5 employees!

Strategic Equipment Placement

We are the experts at maximizing your existing investments. We can map your current office machines, and make recommendation on optimum placement and equipment selection. Most of the office copiers sold today have the ability to scan and print, and many can be used as an integral part of a document-management or workflow system. However, sometimes it just makes better business sense to have a standalone scanner or printer in a particular location.

Telephone and Unified messaging

A telephone system is a critical form of communication between you and your customers. IP-based phone systems can give both large and small companies the power and flexibility to become a truly dynamic part of your business presence.

Imagine a phone system that can do the following:
o Automated attendant or any user can be the system operator or both
o Conference calls from any extension or virtual conference rooms
o Receive voice calls or faxes to any extension, and deliver them via email
o Flexible ring groups, or follow-me features that allow any extension to ring any phone (including your cell phone) in any sequence you define
o Virtual extensions that allow you to dial from your extension no matter where you are
o The ability to backup/restore your system within minutes, and archive voicemails and faxes

All of this and more in a package that costs less than a traditional phone system, and where adding a user is as easy as plugging the phone into a network jack, and using the web-based administrator to set up the extension.
Enterprise Fax Automation / Desktop Faxing
Significantly reduce costs by integrating and automating the flow of a full range of fax, paper and electronic documents. By using a Fax Server, companies can securely and efficiently deliver business information from virtually any application via fax.
Any size company can leverage the power of electronic fax automation to market, generate, close and confirm business relationships via signed contracts and purchase orders, as well as enhance automated statements and transactions.
Fax Automation reduces document delivery costs up to 90% and functionality can be added to any application.